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Our Systems Integration Plan

Drakes & Associates, Inc. believes the following definition clearly describes systems integration:

Systems integration is the process of identifying and bringing together various technologies in order to define and deliver a complete transportation solution that  fulfills specific design, operational, and strategic objectives.

We further believe that the key words in this definition are "process," "system," and "strategic."

The process of integrating systems must be rigorous, structured, and above all predictable in order to produce acceptable results. In this respect, process becomes extremely important in the final implementation phase and overall project management.

The system will be built from a diverse set of components, potentially from several different vendors, which must work together to meet a defined set of operational requirements. Everything must work in unison to achieve desired results. And so, the system is the result of proper processes established at the onset of the project.

The strategic concept becomes the most significant of all. Through proper strategic policy making, the system becomes a unique characteristic throughout your company. It provides creative, effective, long-term solutions to current and future needs and is integrated throughout your enterprise. Proper strategy through Drakes & Associates project management and business technology services provides your customers with an unmatched competitive advantage.

Drakes & Associates, Inc.
Core Values

Our Clients
Our first concern is that of our clients. They are the most important people to our company. And this is not just in our customers but in our employees, contractors, and vendors. Drakes & Associates takes a fresh look at every personal involvement we have as a client-server relationship (to borrow a technical term). We are here to serve our clients and we work to foster our relationships as ongoing opportunities and challenges for long-term mutual success.

Integrity & Accountability
We have built our corporate vision on that of integrity, honesty, and trust. Our projects are completed to the highest degrees of ethical behavior. We build from our challenges and the opportunities we approach and work together with our clients to provide solutions to our needs.

Through stringent project management we establish goals, objectives, and criteria every step of the way. We know our capabilities and strengths and strive to attain those goals to properly keep our clients' projects on track and on budget.

The Individual
We live by the simple rule of treating others as we wish to be treated. Who could ask for anything more? In any strategic planning and process involvement we understand that individuals approach challenges in different ways. We listen and encourage others to contribute to the general success of our projects and our clients.

An Important Approach
Since the success of any project is due to individuals, creativity, and overall mental preparedness, we encourage maintaining the proper balance between projects and those that are most important to us - our families. We all know that pushing ourselves to the outer limits does not speed success, it only encourages mistakes.

A Little Sweat and Many Smiles
For each of our clients, we work harder than most to ensure a job well done, a job that meets goals, standards, criteria, and a strategic outlook. But every project must also provide enjoyment. Whether through the solution to challenging opportunities or through the pleasure of conversation with our clients. We take pride and contentment in our work. It's not just what we are good at, it's what we truly enjoy.

Drakes & Associates, Inc.

We are a unique partnership with a common  focus on helping buyers of transportation products and services realize the value of their investment.

Our Professional Services Include:

- Requirements Definition
Turn-key Systems
Professional Installation
Product Support
Financing Options
On-Site Training
Internet Integration.

Drakes & Associates, Inc. has Strategic Alliances with:

- One of the Nation's Largest  providers of third party logistics.

- A Nationwide Network of transportation providers

- Consulting firms specializing in transportation 

- All of the leading Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service providers

- Telecommunications leaders for voice and data services

- The leading international carriers

- A Cleveland based transportation software provider 


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